Business Career Support

Grow Capability and Increase Team Performance

Employee retention promotes the health, wellbeing and success of your business. Investing in your existing team’s growth and development will have a significant positive impact on your organisation’s outcomes. Constant employee turnover brings about multiple challenges including high costs, expertise loss, low productivity, and more.

At Pro ME we have a range of tailored services to suit your business needs which aims to improve morale, reduce costs, increase productivity, increase employee engagement and improve the company culture. Business leaders can trust Pro ME coaches to increase team motivation and confidence, whilst driving employee growth and development. Our services are critical to prevent your top performers from leaving and accelerate your retention initiatives.

    • Internal Career Planning

      Tailored to help your employees get the promotion or successfully redeploy

    • Team Leader and Executive Coaching

      Providing external support can increase motivation, decrease burnout and help put new life into teams. We use a combination of professional goal setting and effective work strategies to help managers get on track and manage their work more effectively. Short course and educational option exploration; get staff motivated to use their Professional Development budgets.

    • Interview Coaching and Mock Interview and Feedback Sessions

      Tailored to help staff progress internally

    • Career Guidance and Progression Counselling

      Leadership coaching to help staff with increasing their performance and consider internal progression

    • Tailored Training and Workshops

      We create engaging, meaningful and purposeful training designed specifically for your needs; current workshops include resume creation, job seeking strategies, finding your mentor, and networking effectively.

Outplacement, Restructure, and Redundancy Support

Most organisations are bound to go through changes as they respond to the face-moving environment of today’s world. As processes, systems and strategies evolve this can impact a company’s most important asset –


Investing in a support structure and service is essential to assist employees to emotionally and practically adjust to the change. Pro ME offers careful planning and preparation to reduce the stress of employee and business leaders. We understand that your professional brand is important to ensure a smooth change period. Our approach aims to unite your team and create a winning culture.

Pro ME is here to help you manage your team, navigate career transition while maintaining business continuity through periods of high growth.

    • Career Planning Assessment

      Tailored for redeployment or to seek external employment

    • Interview Coaching and Mock Interview and Feedback Sessions

      Tailored to help staff progress and find a new role outside of your business

    • Career Guidance and Progression Counselling

      Focused on external career options as directed by the employer and employee mutually

    • Job Seeking, Resume, Cover Letter and Key Selection Support

      Best practices to set people up for success in finding, applying for and obtaining new employment.

We can meet with your Company Director, HR Team, or Managers face to face or over the phone to review your needs and build a package that suits your business.

Our hourly corporate coaching rate is $250 per hour.  However, workshop or group training can be created to be more cost effective for your organisation. Please contact us about your specific needs to obtain a quote.