Our Promise

Pro ME incorporates a combination of techniques to help you understand your skills, experience and goals in a new light. Our style and training is based in motivational interviewing and behavioural activation; this is the foundation of how we work. It allows you to create your plan moving forward in a supportive and empowering way. We can give advice and guidance, but our main goal is to help you tap into your intrinsic motivation; building your confidence and self esteem to make a real change to your career.

Throughout all of our programs we aim to develop a collaborative partnership to help you find meaningful and fulfilling work. We have over 15 years of combined industry experience with backgrounds in allied health and in helping people of all levels and abilities to achieve career change. We hope we can help you in the next phase of your career too.

Our Point of Difference:

  • We offer sessions six days a week. Outside of “typical working hours” and are happy to work with people from 7am-7pm Monday to Friday and most Saturdays; all by appointment.

  • Multiple locations to suit your needs and reduce travel time; as well as Zoom or other video call options.

  • Something comes up and you need to reschedule? – No problem, we are flexible as long as given notice we will work something out, your won’t lose your money or the session (see our policies around this once you sign up for your session!)

  • You only pay for 50% at the start of your service and the second half at the completion of your first appointment to ensure fit with your consultant and service.