• Olivia was so skilled and knew just how to help me have a difficult conversation with my employer. I was happy at work, but knew I was worth more than I was being remunerated for. I needed a pay rise and she helped me highlight my achievements and put my best foot forward when negotiating with my employer. I am so happy I was able to practice what to say and improve my negotiation skills; which helped me to achieve my goal! Thank you for the great service provided!

    — Krisela Richard, Consultant - Knowledge Lead, Cerner Australia

  • I approached Sarah for help when I was applying for a competitive scholarship from the Australian government. We had an initial consultation regarding the written application stage where Sarah helped me write more effective answers, directly addressing the key criteria. After progressing to the next round, Sarah helped me prepare for a formal panel interview. I was nervous having never been formally interviewed before, but Sarah’s advice and assistance made me feel significantly more prepared and confident. I was awarded the scholarship and believe it was largely due to the confidence I gained working with Sarah.

    — Courtney, The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program 2019 Recipient
    (The New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake semester-based study and internships or mentorships in 40 participating Indo-Pacific locations.)

  • Sarah worked with me to strengthen my personal statement letter for my university application. As a mature aged and international student I was unsure of how to best approach my application. She gave me great feedback and suggested ways in which I could frame my writing to best suit their criteria. I was accepted into the Biomedicine program and I definitely think the skills Sarah taught me and her assistance helped me accomplish getting accepted into my university of choice.

    — Ivy, La Trobe University Student, Double degree in Biological Science and Science

  • I engaged with Sarah’s professional services in order to maximise the possibility of success for an extremely competitive and challenging position, that of Air Traffic Control. Sarah not only reviewed and revised both my resume and my cover letter to relate better to the position I was applying for, but also provided me with interview training which were of great benefit. In these training sessions, I was able to reflect on and amend my posture, my tone, my choice of words, my pauses, the repetitions of words and the awkward dragging of words. Furthermore, we worked on the content of my responses to possible questions as well as the best way to express my past professional experience in a way that relates to the role. I am very happy with her services that most certainly added value to my application with which I was successful.

    — Iri V.

  • I engaged Sarah’s services to revise my CV while applying for my first, professional position after graduating from university. Sarah went beyond my expectations and provided insight at every step of the application process from whether I should make first contact with the hiring manager, editing my responses to key selection criteria, and brainstorming useful questions to ask during the interview. I was able to secure an interview for a position that seemed unattainable to me, considering my lack of relevant experience. I am certain this was thanks to Sarah’s invaluable insights!

    — Abigail E.